Festival Security: Guide for Organizers


December 9, 2021

Safety is the number one concern for many people attending music festivals, and for good reason. There are so many dangers at these types of events that it can be hard to know where to start looking for protection. We’re here with some advice on how you can keep yourself safe at your next festival!

What is security and why does it matter for festivals?

Security is the process of protecting people, events, or property from harm. The purpose of security at a festival is to protect attendees and staff from any potential danger or harm. This can include anything from preventing crime and violence to ensuring that everyone is safe and has a good time.

The importance of security cannot be overstated. A festival is a fun event for people to come together, celebrate life and culture. But it can also be an attractive target for criminals, vandals, or anyone who wants to disrupt the peace.

Festival security officers play a critical role in protecting everyone at the festival — attendees and staff — from any potential threats that could harm them physically or psychologically.

What are the possible threats to festivals?

  • The first threat is terrorism. Security measures must be taken to protect the people against terrorist attacks. This can include bag searches at entry points, security fences and metal detectors for large crowds, or other special procedures that are specific for this kind of event. Also, check out our guide on how to improve festival crowd safety.
  • Another threat is a crime. This can include theft, assault, or any other criminal activity. Festival organizers should work with the police to create a security plan that will help prevent and respond to crimes.
  • There is also a risk of accidents at festivals. This could include things like fires, stage collapses, or crowd stampedes. Festival organizers should work with emergency responders to create a plan for responding to any emergencies that may occur.

Preparing for your festivals’ security.

  • Planning and preparation are key when it comes to ensuring the safety of your attendees.
  • Ensure that you have a plan in place for any potential emergencies that may occur.
  • Work with local law enforcement and emergency responders to create a coordinated security plan.
  • Train your staff on how to respond to emergencies.
  • Know your venue.
  • Inspect the space and make sure you know all of its nooks and crannies, where doors are located, etcetera. This will help to determine what areas need more security personnel assigned to them as well as how much staff is needed in general. It’s better to overestimate than to underestimate.
  • Create a code of conduct and post it prominently at the festival.
  • Make sure attendees know what is and is not allowed at the event. This will help to deter any bad behavior before it starts and also makes it easier for security personnel to deal with any issues that may arise.

Why should I hire a professional company to provide for my festival security needs?

There are a number of reasons why it is important to hire a professional company to provide your festival security needs. First and foremost, hiring a professional company will ensure that your event is safe for attendees. A professional security company will have the training and experience necessary to handle any type of situation that may arise. They will also have the resources necessary if there is a big threat like terrorism. They are licensed to hold high caliber rifles. However, if you can, get a professional to help you check the firearm barrels. A good barrel, like an AR 15 is designed to give your rifle faster twist rates. Also check that the safety selector, a great part to better your firing control system, is in a top-notch state.

Hiring a professional security company is the most efficient way to keep your event safe.

One of the best reasons why it is important to hire festival security planners for large events like festivals is that they are trained in all types of situations and usually have first aid kits on their person which can be useful if someone gets injured at your event or needs help. They can also help with things like crowd control, which is important to make sure that everyone attending your event has a good time.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional company for your event’s security needs?

There are a few key benefits to hiring a professional company for your event’s security needs. First, you can rest assured that the security team will be well-trained and experienced in dealing with any potential incidents. Second, they will have the necessary equipment and resources to handle any situation that may arise. Finally, having a professional security team in place can help to give your event a sense of legitimacy and professionalism.

When choosing a security company, it is important to make sure that they have the necessary experience and expertise to meet your specific needs. Be sure to ask about their past experience with events of similar size and scope, as well as what type of training they provide their employees.

Do not forget to ask about their security equipment and resources, such as metal detectors. You will also want to inquire whether they have ever dealt with any potential incidents at previous events. If so, how were they handled? Finally, it is important for you to know what type of training your employees will receive before the event begins.

To summarize it all,

Security is a huge topic to cover, and we can’t do it justice in one article. But if you follow the guidelines above, your festival will be just that much safer for everyone to enjoy.

A good tip would be to keep a list of official emergency contacts such as police or ambulance officers on-site so staff knows who they should call in an emergency.

You should also have a clearly visible security presence on-site, ideally in high-profile areas such as the entrance. If your event is large enough you may want to consider employing a private security firm/s or hiring more staff for this purpose. You can even offer a small incentive like free entry to anyone who reports suspicious activity around the festival grounds.

It’s important to remember that the best way to stay safe at a festival is to be aware of your surroundings and take common-sense precautions. So be sure to keep an eye on your belongings, don’t leave drinks unattended, and stick with friends. Most importantly, have fun!

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