Bulgaria has a rich history and an incredible culture

Bulgaria has a rich history and an incredible culture. As the crossroad between Slavic and Germanic cultures, Bulgaria has been part of the significant events in Europe for the last millennium. If this is something that you want to learn about, then you need to follow our page. We will be exploring the rich history of Bulgaria and the men and women who have shaped it. These giants were able to create a country that millions of people now call home.


Our websites will also be looking into the major attraction sites in Bulgaria. There is so much to see and learn in Bulgaria, from the historical sites scattered in the capital city to the scenic rivers and mountains in the countryside. Therefore, if you plan a vacation to Bulgaria, this is your chance to get accurate and helpful information. Bulgaria has a unique culture that can’t be found anywhere on the planet. This culture borrows from Islamic, Christian, and Orthodox religions. It also follows Bulgaria’s military exploits and blunders. Welcome to Bulgaria, and do enjoy your stay.


When we started our website, we had a simple mission: to reclaim and advance Bulgaria’s long history and culture. We began by collecting all information about the country’s culture. Initially, we wanted to create a documentary, but we decided that a blog will be the best option.


Our vision is to educate Bulgarians and people from other countries about our country’s rich history. We want children in Canada and Japan to know the great heroes who shaped and protected Bulgaria from adversaries. We also want people to know of any events about to happen in Bulgaria.

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