Werelf festival IZEGEM

IZEGEM“Wereldfestival Izegem” is a recognized CIOFF Festival and operates under CIOFF Conditions (please see www.cioff.org).

Only traditional and stylised national dance groups accompanied by live music can apply. All groups are staying in families.
We do not organize a competition between groups.
If you would like to apply for participation in Wereldfestival Izegem, please send us the following information:
- Recent video tape or DVD of your performance (by post)
- The detailed history of your group, listing the participation in all the Festivals and events all over the World and some high quality photos (by e-mail)


Wereldfestival Izegem
Marc Therry
Neerhofstraat 53
8870 Izegem

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13 Responses to “Werelf festival IZEGEM”

  1. I am from nepal. i have nepali folk dance group. i want to show my group in your festival. i hope you will guide me for it.

  2. AFRIQUE DANCE ENSEMBLE OF THE W.E.B.DUBOIS CENTER Reply 18. Apr, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    Dear Sir,

    The Afrique Dance Ensemble of The W.E.B Du Bois Center of Pan African Culture is the resident dance group for this center. A Unit of The Ministry of Chieftaincy and Culture-Ghana, this Center’ seek to promote the core values of Ghanaian traditional dances with international ratings.
    Our specialization is African Music, Dance, Drama, Poetry, Choreography
    and contemporary Dance. On our sleeves now is the Choreography dance and music themed:
    As a group we are employing the style to feature in all designated event and festivals that may come our way. We are a group that will like to participate in organize sessions, sing-a-longs, workshop, theme concerts dances and children events where possible.
    We as a group will like to be officially registered and invited to take part in your forthcoming festival event: Wereldfestival Izegem”, 2011

    Suggestion for leaving in camps, billets, motels or low costs hotels and hostels as to cut down costs is what we opt for. We will provide some time in, on and over the Festival. A group of able performers, we do arrange for our visas through our Ministry of Foreign Affairs if Invitation to participate is granted us.
    Find attach needed materials about the group if required for promos. You could visit http://www.YOUTUBE.COM where you type in AFRIQUE DANCE ENSEMBLE for some of our short dance clips. We anticipate your quick response on the matter.
    Thank you.
    Yours Faithfully.
    KWAME ALORSSY ,The Executive Director, Afrique Dance Ensemble of The W.E.B DuBois Center
    Tel: + 233 244735144
    Find bellow synopses.
    When the young attendant to Tugbezuku shrine became immoral and sexually took the virgin betrothed to the gods of purity, little did he know that the wrath of Tugbezuku cannot be merely pardon with a sacrifice.
    It has always been said in our history that, one cannot crime against the gods and go scot-free so, the elders must dance naked, as the villagers employ the Pardon Ritual Dance to hold the anger of the gods. But this comes too late. Death, dance them into the world of silence.
    NIHINII -Taboo is a forty-five minute dance story with a fusion of
    African Traditional & Contemporary Dance. Other Ghanaian dance repertoires abounds.

  3. Dear,
    Doegar Phunsum is an entertainment academy based in Thimphu, Bhutan.
    After the provision of training in the performing of cultural arts, the trainees are employed in the academy as part of the cultural entertainment troupe. In view of the fact that the performers have had very exposure and opportunity to share and learn from cultural exchanges with other countries, While such programs would go a long way towards promoting the country’s unique culture internationally and building awareness, understanding and good-will, it would also help the academy to enhance its skills and learn from other countries.
    The academy’s performances include traditional Bhutanese songs and dances depicting Buddhist allegories (Mask Dance). In this regard, I would like to know more of your foundation and the procedural for inviting cultural groups from outside for traditional mask and folk dances of Bhutan for upcoming Events.
    Therefore, I on the behalf of the Deogar Phunsum, Thimphu, Bhutan and on my behalf I would like to request sir/Madam that is there any chance to participate my group to take part in your Festival
    We are looking forward at hearing from you soon.

    Sonam Dorji
    Doegar Phunsum Dance Group leader
    Email deogar@druknet.com

  4. amarouche sid ahmed Reply 18. Jun, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    Dear sir
    Thanks fdor this event’s .
    we are an algerian folkdance troupe , we have moult of dances form many regions of algerian ( chaoui, targui, staifi, gnawi. alaoui, n’hari )

    we hope to take part in your next festival edition , so please send me more informations and conidtions of participations

    Best regards

    TEL/ +2137 774 38 917

  5. Hello, Dear Folklore Friend, We want to inform you that we are dancing folk group from Macedonia – Orizari, I am manager of folklore company . This year we will visit a number of countries in Europe, but we wish to visit your beautiful country. . I heard about your wonderful folk festival, and please tell us, can we participate? we are interested your festival for 2011 please can you send us information about application, I hope for successful cooperation. Greetings from Macedonia.

  6. Aneta Mutafcheiva Reply 01. Jul, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    Dear Sir, Madam,
    For us is pleasure to connect with your folk organization. Our group has an invitation from Marcali-Hungary in July, but festival reduced the festival days /from 6 to just 2 days/, because of the crisis and they invited us for the next summer and we are free for another one for summer 2011.
    We hace certificate from CIOFF Bulgaria that we are representative ensemble and we have rights to take a part in international CIOFF festivals in 2011.
    We have interest to take a part in your International Festival in 2011 with our adults folk ensemble “Madara” – BULGARIA.
    Attached we send you information about the group and some pictures.
    In case some group cancel his partisipation and you need a bulgarian participation in 2011 we can disscuss immidiately and we can send you adverticement materials + DVD+ copy of certificate from CIOFF Bulgaria of the group by post.

    We are waiting a good news from you!
    Fax: /tel +35954830572 ; +359 54 831 752
    Tel. 359 895 776 420 /on english lenguage/
    e-mail : madzvan@abv.bg

    Best regards,

    Aneta Moutafchieva
    General Art Director
    Folk ensembles “Madara” and “Zvanche”
    Shumen- BULGARIA

  7. hi
    dear friend we are an artistical group of ballet based in Sénégal west Africa.
    our group is named ballet sory camara and composed of various artists.
    they are singers ,dancers djiembe drummers thioung, kora;flutes,glass walkers fire spiders and a nice choregraph with accrobat.
    our group is the first and best accrobat group in west Africa with many sorts of magic.
    we have won many cups and competitions around the world .
    evry year we do many festivals around the world because all our travel is sponsored by our municipality and others sponsors.
    now we would like to performer in your festivals
    waiting your response soonly

    r‪Ballet Sory Camara part 1‬


    ‪Ballet Sory Camara part 2 ‬


    ‪Ballet Sory Camara part 3‬


    ballet sory
    Dakar/ SEnegal

  8. Kinge Thomas(Tata Kinge) Reply 06. Aug, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    We’re writing to you on behalf of Tata Kinge.
    Good day Sir/Madam
    We are a nonprofit organization (ORG) based in the US. The name of our ORG is
    MOUNT CAMEROON CULTURAL HOUSE. Address:- 11700 Old Columbia Pike, Suite
    #215, Silver Spring, MD 20904. USA.

    We’re affiliated with MOUNT CAMEROON CULTURAL HOUSE in Cameroon still to be implemeted there,
    West Africa. Tata Kinge is based in Cameroon-Buea SouthWest Region. He has an international experience
    for cultural exchange and intertainment and has been in Music for 20 years with 7 recording albums and many videos. He is one of the best Cultural Artist you’ll want
    for any cultlural program.He lastly performed at the Shanghai Expo 2010 in China (Tata Kinge Asian tour)video,did the African cultural song for President Obama which has a video on youtube (Tata Kingue Barack Obama video)many other videos of of (Tata Kinge yaya),(Tata Kinge Malachi II)on youtube,(Africa Life album). on (allafrica.com)and has a new album now in the market which is released in the US, enttiled JOGOGO on facebook/kato2025 etc….and was released at the FAKO AMERICA CONVENSION DC 2011.We can also provide mask groups ,arts/cultural exhibitions etc…..

    Tatah Kinge and his group can teach, and perform the African culture to the best
    interest of our people. He has visited many nations world wide.

    We promise to be of good help to have him and his group for any exchange program
    you may need him to participate.We have develope many cultural Exchange programmes at hand.We will also be happy to be invited and to attend any Seminars,programmes you will organise.
    For any question or more information about Tata Kinge, please contact us.
    We will love him work with you Sir to continue his great vision for the folklore/African music.

    Jacob L. Efande
    e-mail:- jacoblefande@yahoo.com
    tel:- 240-687-4860

  9. Dear Friends,
    I am sending you this message regarding our correspondence that has previously written.
    As being an association which is dependant to Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Turkish Folk Dance Federation, we are receiving fund from Publicity Fund of Prime Ministry for the festivals that we are going to participate.
    It is necessary to give the official invitation to the authorised institutes until February 2012 for being received the mentioned fund regarding festivals that will we are going to participate.
    For this reason we would kindly request your acceptance to your festival, waiting for your attention and would request you to send the official invitation and information regarding participation of our group to your festival until the end–of January 2012.
    The documents regarding to the folk dance group of our association are enclosed.
    Sincerely yours,
    Asuman SÜAR

  10. Good afternoon! Choreographic studio “Sputnik”, Russia, the city of Tambov, would like to take part in festival CiOFF in 2012. In June, 2011 we э took part in the international festival CiOFF in Czechia in Fridek-Mistek. Choreographic studio “Sputnik” has the good program of national dances, in national suits, an orchestra of Russian national tools, the vocal group singing folklore songs, the bus, акредитованный on foreign trips. Very much we ask you to promote us.

    .С respect, the head “Sputnik”, Olga Demchenko e-mail:dem4enko.olya2012@yandex.ru

  11. Dear Folklore Friend
    Is with a big pleasur we send this request to you
    we are a international professional, traditional,artistique, cultural
    and folklorique dancing and singing group ( Ensemble Nukunu ) from
    Togo west Africa realy want a creative maneger in all over the world
    capable to organize with some sponsors many bussines contract
    folklore circuit spectacle or perfpmance trow the world for a rish
    cultural exchange specialy black African fetishism Vodou Africa power
    for the black divinity we are looking for contract bussines folklore
    waithing hearing you soon we send our best regard to you
    Ametoglo Eklu president fonder
    Bp 60505
    Tel 00228 9045812 / 9447252
    E.mail africafolkore@gmail.com
    Lome Togo west Africa

  12. Dear sir pls give me your e mail adress, I ll send you my group documents.


    Murat ERDEM