Anatolian Folk Dance Group, Turkey

Anatolian folk dance groupAnatolian Folk Dance Group was founded by Mr. Arif SONMEZ in 1992. Till today group had performed Anatolian Folk Dances and Musics with original dances, costumes and musics in Turkey and lots of foreign countries. Our aim is meet cultures together without look their religions, languages and lineages. The most importand think is peace and friendship between folks in all over the world.

We are inviting folk dance and musics group from all over the world where we organizing folk dance festivals in Turkey. And also we are sending folk dance groups from Turkey who needs Turkish folk dance and music groups. We have about 20 children and adoult groups in Turkey. Generally our performances are with live music but if festivals prefer cd we have also cd. But we prefer live music. Our groups has about 35-40 participants.

We can have performances how long you prefer.

We don’t have generally visa problem because of we have participated more than 50 foreign festivals in past.
In 2011 we will invite 50 folk dance group from Asia, Amerika, Africa where we will organize festivals in Turkiye.
If you want to invite one of the our groups in your 2011 festivals, I can send you information of my group ( Anatolian Folk Dance Group ).

I inform you the international organizations we joined in the last 3 years.

Cantonigros SPAIN Bolsward HOLLAND
Les Preses SPAIN Karditsa GREECE
Dournanez FRANCE Halkidiki GREECE
Saintes FRANCE Chalkis GREECE
Pılsen CZECH Castelforte ITALY
Debrecen HUNGARY Loznıca SERBIA
Lefkada GREECE Poznan POLAND
Teruel SPAIN Warshova POLAND
Sardıgnıa ITALY Sicilia ITALY
Csongrad HUNGARY Madrıd SPAIN

To participate your festival and show Anatolian Folklore will make us happy.

Contact information:

IOV-Members (3361)
Director of Anatolian Folk Dance Group From Turkey
General Representatıve of Gogakou Chıld & Young Folk Camp From Greece

Address : P.K 40, 35541 – Denizbostanlısı , İzmir – TURKEY
Tel/Fax : + 90 232 330 31 57 , , ,

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2 Responses to “Anatolian Folk Dance Group, Turkey”

  1. The Ministry of Culture and the Arts presents its best wishes for this New Year 2012. He tells you he had to attend a festival in Turkey, held September 22 to 24 in Sarimsakli in Izmir with the group Ballet Kaituni of the Democratic Republic of Congo, to promote cultural exchange, it is seeking further participation in through your festival. He asks you to provide the conditions for participation of 12 artists and two others in the office of the Minister who will accompany the artists and what is the date set for this event. The more the better.

  2. hey i jus want information for the festival which gonna held in this september at turkey.
    would u please mail me the whole iternary?
    as our group is excited to take part in it…!
    we are from gujarat!
    please mail me with all inclusives and amount!