Our Team


Wesley Ralph

Wesley is a Bulgarian national who has traveled the country far and wide. He has practically visited every tourist attraction in the country. During his many travels, he was able to talk to the people and create a collection of cultural beliefs from every part of the country. He will be sharing this information on our website from time to time.

Jonathan Ivanovic

Ivanovic is a professor of history, mathematics, and linguistics. He became obsessed with Bulgarian history from a young age. He had understood the majority of Bulgarian history by the time he was turning ten years old. Ivanovic will be sharing the long history of Bulgaria and how significant events throughout the ages have influenced it.

Tatiana Alexandrowicz

Tatiana has been attending cultural and musical events in Bulgaria for the last three decades. She has seen how Bulgarian music, dances, and folklore are unique and different from her neighbors’. She has also spoken at many of these events where she has encouraged people to preserve Bulgarian tradition. Tatiana will be giving occasional updates on upcoming cultural events in Bulgaria. Watch out for blogs listing the best music festivals taking place in Bulgaria.

Natasha Dimitri

Natasha is a social media guru and one of the most famous social media influencers in Bulgaria. Her social media accounts are full of cultural, music, and historical events happening in Bulgaria. If you want to know what Bulgarians think about a specific historical event, then you should look out for Natasha’s blogs. The blogs will explore what ordinary people in Bulgaria think about the culture and how they should preserve it.

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