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Fun Facts About Water in Different Countries

It is true to say that different countries exhibit varying approaches towards the water. For instance, in the United States, it is a common experience to be served with a glass of beverage with huge contents while most drinks are served at room temperature in European countries. To add on this, a customer is more likely to be served with warm tap water in Britain compared to the U.S. where one is served with cold ice due to the many fridges used to facilitate this process. There are many fun facts about water in different countries around the world.

In Russia, ice is not served with drinks. From a private interview with a Russian immigrant, it was revealed that among the reasons why they do not embrace this tradition is that fact that they nobody recognizes where the ice came from, citing the storage facilities might not be meeting the required health standards. As a result, avoiding the ice is equated to protecting oneself from the likelihood of infectious diseases. In Siberia, throughout the year, they live in freezing weather. Therefore, there is no need to introduce it in their drinks, while teeth sensitivity to cold also finds its way in the list.

In Europe, some funny explanations include the fact that ice occupies a bigger volume inside the cup, hence, this is seen as a form of disguised treachery to serve little beverage in order to make huge profits. In America, during the 19th century, most homes owned iceboxes because it was a tradition to insert several cubes in a drink. However, this trend faded with time just like any fashion style comes and goes.

Today, clean water is becoming a rare commodity, particularly with the tremendous increase in population. Consequently, governments have created policies that ensure water conservation. Taking a shower causes double trouble in that it utilizes more water and consumes a lot of energy. This is why in countries like Kenya, the government has instructed proprietors to install solar heaters, or otherwise be penalized. In Britain, citizens are recommended to boil water they only need, clean clothes at less than 30C, and install eco-showers among others.

In Singapore, one of their rather fun strategy to limit water wastage includes using a mug when brushing teeth. This is an excellent idea since people are not mindful of the quantity of water wasted when a tap is left running for two minutes while brushing the teeth. Nevertheless, with a mug, the amount of water used is approximately half a liter. In other cases, citizens are urged to use cold water to wash clothes.

Lastly, among the electric options performed to save water, it is recommended to replace shower-heads with highly efficient ones. These showers assist in maintaining the pressure of the water, while at the same time using quite less quantity of water than the previous designs. In other countries, the outlet of the sink used when cleaning utensils are connected with the toilet’s water container such that the same water used in cleaning the dishes can be used to flush the toilet. Overall, there are several ways and fun facts about water in different nations around the world.

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