We are Bulgarians who want to bring the country’s great history to the forefront. For the last decade, we have created many articles to explain Bulgaria’s cultural, historical, and wildlife attractions. When we realized that most people did not have accurate information about Bulgaria, we decided to act. This is why we created this website in 2013.

¬†When we got the website, our purpose was to show Bulgaria’s world from the Bulgarians’ perspective. When our articles’ interests grew, we decided to publish weekly reports on a country’s specific attraction. So far, we have covered about 50 attraction sites in Bulgaria.

We also publish a list of the upcoming festivals in Bulgaria. You will be hard-pressed to find information about music, culture, and traditional dances in Bulgaria when you search the internet. Fortunately, we can provide this information because we know the organizers of such events in Bulgaria. Whenever you feel like you need to dance to some Slavic music, check out our website.

¬†Finally, we also decided to publish information from visitors to Bulgaria. We want to know what other people think about Bulgaria’s history, culture, and traditions. This will help us in presenting more useful information to our international audience. Therefore, if you have visited Bulgaria, please don’t hesitate to share your experience with us.

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