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  • Sundance 2018: #MeToo movement set to colour first post-Weinstein festival January 18, 2018
    Films on sexual abuse and gender equality and a star-studded rally for ‘respect’ will headline a festival instilling tighter security measuresThe #MeToo movement is set to hit Park City, Utah, this week as the 2018 Sundance film festival kicks off with a planned rally for “respect” and a schedule filled with female-fronted narratives.It’s the first […]
    Benjamin Lee
  • ‘Mob has always been there for me’: Indigenous drag performers to lead Midsumma pride march January 17, 2018
    Zac Collins-Widders and Harley Dunolly-Lee are the first Indigenous young people ‘crowned’ to lead the annual eventOn 26 January, while the country celebrates, mourns or ignores Australia Day, Zac Collins-Widders will march through Melbourne in defence of his Aboriginality. Two days later, he will lead a second march at Midsumma festival in celebration of his […]
    Calla Wahlquist
  • Onesies for everyone: Mona's summer festival makes Launceston debut January 16, 2018
    With Violent Femmes, Gotye and a block party – and a cameo from a psychic convention – city is a fun fit for Mona FomaThe sandwich board outside a charity shop in central Launceston reads: “Dear David, Thanks for sharing Mona Foma. Kind regards, Launceston.”And why wouldn’t the owner of Hobart’s Museum of Old and […]
    Brigid Delaney
  • The Manchester Project review – snapshots of a city January 14, 2018
    Home, Manchester 19 micro-plays, crammed with detail, writhing with contradictions and set to the familiar pulse of Joy Division and the Smiths, try to distil the Mancunian essenceWhat defines a city? Its places? Its people? Its history? In The Manchester Project, local theatre company Monkeywood turn that question over and over, seeking to capture something […]
    Catherine Love
  • Controversial Russian director Andrey Zvyagintsev: 'Dissident? I'm more of a clown' January 12, 2018
    Leviathan director Zvyagintsev holds up a mirror to corruption and hard times in Russia – but it’s made him enemies of some powerful figures in the process. He talks about his new film, Loveless, and how he fell out with the political establishmentAndrey Zvyagintsev makes heavyweight political dramas that move smoothly, hit hard and leave […]
    Xan Brooks
  • Falls Festival review – Camp Cope, Liam Gallagher close out summer music festival January 9, 2018
    Fremantle OvalNostalgia dominates onstage but gender equality is the topic in the stands as the festival comes to an end in the sunny westIn the lead-up to Falls Downtown – the second year of the Perth iteration of Falls festival, and the final leg of this year’s Falls tour – the talk around the festival […]
    Bob Gordon
  • 'Bodies can go further than you think': Peeping Tom's bamboozling shows about parenthood January 9, 2018
    Zombie janitors and living sculptures rattle the nerves in the world of the surrealist Belgian duo who have created a terrifying trilogy from family lifePaintings swallow people whole. Sketches bleed. Sculptures spring to life. On the gallery walls, madonnas routinely disappear, replaced by self-portraits of men. Art has a life of its own.This is the […]
    Matt Trueman
  • The Town Hall Affair reopens raucous 1971 debate and touches a nerve in the era of #metoo January 7, 2018
    Wooster Group’s latest play, in Sydney this month before heading to London, reimagines a seminal night in feminist history to tackle its unfinished businessIt was 1971 and the women’s movement was the hottest thing in town. It had thrown up charismatic stars such as Germaine Greer and Gloria Steinem, and achieved the legalisation of abortion […]
    Brigid Delaney
  • 'I'll be going through a slum to a rich club': India's upside-down rave scene January 5, 2018
    Magnetic Fields, a three-day festival in the Rajasthan desert, saw the country’s burgeoning dance scene go overground. But there are concerns that clubbing is a corporatised ‘rich person’s game’From Chinese communes to Durban taxis: how dance music went global‘Before this, there was Bollywood, and everything else was deep underground.” These are the words of producer […]
    Tara Joshi
  • Winter Sprinter 2018 review – a place where wry, literate indie can feel at home January 3, 2018
    The Lexington, LondonThe Surfing Magazines, Jessica’s Brother and former Weather Prophet Pete Astor got Fika Recordings’ four-day residency off to a shambolic but intriguing startFor most, the post-Christmas return to work was 2 January – about a week too early for some of the musicians involved in the Winter Sprinter, which began its annual King’s […]
    Caroline Sullivan